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Having lived in a tropical country with only 2 seasons (sunny and humid AND rainy and humid! hahaha!), I always look forward to traveling to other countries during fall or spring! Last October, I chaperoned my mom to the Lucie Awards in New York City. It was a last minute trip but I did not complain! Because… it’s my favorite city and my first time to see it in fall!

Autumn is the perfect weather to sit outside, enjoy a bagel and a cup of coffee and people watch!


We were free for half a day so we decided to walk around Central Park. We had the best time walking through the autumn foliage!

Easy OOTD tip: Just put on a long coat, throw in a scarf and you’re good to go!


Our trip was super short but I made sure to visit my favorite building, sit there for a while and marvel at its beauty. It’s my third time in the city and the Flatiron still leaves me in awe.



I cannot wait to see your beauty during the winter! See you real soon, New York City!



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