Morning skin care ritual!

*Disclaimer (again): I am not an expert!*

There has been a lot of hype about nighttime skin care routine – 10 step Korean skin care, layering on serums, etc. But, I believe that what you put in the morning is just as important.

The key concerns that I address with my morning skin care are:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Depuffing
  3. Sun protection


Let’s get to it!


I use the same cleanser in the morning and at night! I just skip the cleansing oil. Check my nighttime skin care routine here.


DSCF3872I said goodbye to my Kiehl’s toner this year and switched to the Thayers Alcohol-Free Lavander Witch Hazel Toner (Kaloka! Haba ng name!). This is super lightweight and it smells amazing! The most important thing about it is, it is alcohol-free! My sister loves it in rose petal but I prefer this lavander one. I got this in Target during my trip to the States but this is also available in Healthy Options. Thank you Pau @paulinaisabelsnts for introducing this to me!


This green one is the light version

After cleansing, I put 1-2 drops of this cold lotion (yes, it’s in my fridge!) on my palm then I gently pat in on my face – a pro-tip from @kbeautymnl. This will instantly wake up your skin and minimize your pores! This Hada Labo lotion provides intense hydration because it has hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate.


DSCF3868For sure, we all want a blemish free face and the solution? The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%! This is highly recommended by a lot of people! I got this from @kbeautymnl too. It feels thick when I’m dispensing it from the bottle but it’s super light on the face! It’s like the Hada Labo lotion lang, which is perfect because we don’t want a sticky face in the morning.


DSCF3863My eyes are really puffy no matter how short or long my sleep is 😦 plus my eyes are hooded so I guess it adds to the look 😦 The Clinique All About Eyes Cream solved this problem for me! I just put a little product on my undereyes and lids then tap it until dry. It instantly brightens and reduces the puffiness of my eyes!


DSCF3864I’m all about lightweight products in the morning so the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is a winner! It really does the job moisturizing the face. There’s actually version that has SPF too! Maybe I’ll try that after I finish this tub!


DSCF3870They said if you must only put one thing on your face, it would have to be sunscreen! It protects your face from the harmful UV rays and it will help prevent signs of aging caused by it. I hate other sunscreens that are thick and leaves your face sticky and shiny. This Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen has SPF 50, it’s super light and doesn’t feel sticky. Bad news: I think Kiehl’s already discontinued this. Good news: They still have other / better options.


I add 2 more products if I will be wearing makeup for the day.

DSCF3876After cleansing and toning, I spray on the MAC Lightful C Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion Spray (haba ng pangalan!). It adds extra moisture and leaves my skin refreshed and brighter.

Then I continue with my whole routine.


After putting on sunscreen, I use the Benefit’s POREfessional primer. I love this! You can easily see that it minimizes the appearance of pores and evens out the skin.

It looks a lot (who am I kidding?! Marami talaga akong pinapahid sa face! Hahaha! But it is worth it!) but this whole routine is really quick to do. Depending though on how fast I need to be ready, then I edit. But I never leave out the sunscreen! Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Hahaha! Remember, no matter how much product you use on your face, you must couple it with drinking a lot of water and a healthy diet.

Feel free to share your favourite products too!

Stay fresh!





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