Morning skin care ritual!

*Disclaimer (again): I am not an expert!* There has been a lot of hype about nighttime skin care routine – 10 step Korean skin care, layering on serums, etc. But, I believe that what you put in the morning is just as important. The key concerns that I address with my morning skin care are:… Continue reading Morning skin care ritual!


Japan Travel Blog: 1 day in Kyoto

If Osaka is known as the kitchen of Japan, Kyoto is known for its architecturally amazing temples and shrines. From Osaka, we hopped on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line train that took us directly to Arashiyama, the home of the famous bamboo groves. The travel time will take about an hour. Remember to leave Osaka early in the… Continue reading Japan Travel Blog: 1 day in Kyoto

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Japan Travel Blog: 1 day in Osaka

If asked which country I'd like to live in, even for just a month, one of my answers would be Japan. Maybe some of you have been there and are already in love with it. But for those who have yet to go and are planning a trip soon, I'm sure you'd want to make… Continue reading Japan Travel Blog: 1 day in Osaka


Nighttime skin care ritual!

*Disclaimer: I AM NOT AN EXPERT* We all have different skin types and goals when it comes to skin care. I want to have bright clear skin and to delay the appearance of lines and other signs of aging. So, if you’re hoping to achieve the same OR you just love slathering oils on your… Continue reading Nighttime skin care ritual!